Mashies Finalists for Library Promotion Inspiration- Part 2

In yesterday’s post I discussed sharing my library tips/ideas based on the top three finalists in each Mashies awards category.  The Mashies celebrate the best in marketing. Since these companies are highly skilled in what they do I think it only makes sense to learn from their genius. Today I am taking on the category oooof:

Best Video Series

Nominee 1: Idea Channel- PBS

    • I have been a huge fan of this channel even before I found out that they were a Mashies nominee. In fact I wrote about them a few weeks ago in a post about quality videos for flipping the classroom! This youtube channel “examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art. New videos are posted every Wednesday.” My favorite video is “Is Google Knowledge.”
    • Library idea
      • You could use these videos for flipping your classroom. TedEd is a great tool for creating lessons around YouTube videos.
      • You could create library instructional videos and based on their format:
        • Videos around 8-10 min in length, enthusiastic “live” person narrator (no voice over), engaging topics that spark initial interest based on a scholarly idea (ex: Is BMO from Adventure Time Expressive of Feminism), etc

Nominee 2: Dawn- The Big Picture Docu-series– Publicis Kaplan Thaler

  • These YouTube videos called “The Big Picture” highlight dawn’s role in wildlife rescue.
  • Library idea
    • Again another flip video resource.
    • Ideas for your own videos: Highlight a little known fact about your library or how you’re improving your community using stories told by real people with beautifully shot video.

Nominee 3: Raising the Bar- Creative Artists Agency

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