5 Universities Killing It On Snapchat

I am becoming convinced that Snapchat should become a library social media staple. Being a “cusper” (on the tail end of the millennial generation) I might not be as in-tune with what’s fresh in social as my younger counterparts, but the numbers don’t lie. Smith, from DMR, reports that Snapchat not only touts 100 million … Continue reading

Another Conference Organizer to Avoid: Global Academic Network

Originally posted on Scholarly Open Access:
Warning: Another low-quality, profit-seeking conference organizer. Here’s another mysterious, academic conference organizing company that I think everyone should avoid: Global Academic Network. It appears to be a for-profit company that exploits the need of researchers to present their work at conferences and exploits the need to take university-funded vacations.…

Using Infographic Design to Make Common Core Connections

Using Infographic Design to Make Common Core Connections

In a recent article in Phi Delta Kappan, Moeller discusses the use of visual thinking strategies to “strengthen students’ communication and critical thinking skills and creativity” (2013). Visual literacy, data visualization, and design thinking are buzzwords in the education rhetoric and are becoming more popular in the classroom partly because of the accessibility of visual … Continue reading

Promote Your Library With Snapchat Stories

This is probably the best way libraries can start implementing Snapchat for promotional purposes. According to an article published today by Business Insider, Snapchat Stories has increased 100% with over 1 billion stories being viewed a day! Since this app is so widely used by individuals under the age of 25 (traditional college aged students), it’s a … Continue reading

How to Create a Snapchat Contest

How to Create a Snapchat Contest

In the beginning of January I started hearing a lot of buzz about the privacy chat app Snapchat. From NPR to Mashable, everyone was discussing this new app. One fortuidious moring, during my daily Feedly perusal, I saw articles by both TechCrunch and Mashable reporting on a study that found that over 77% of college students use Snapchat every … Continue reading

Implications of Our Graying Profession

Today, on the College Libraries Discussion List, a email firestorm erupted over a simple survey request. A librarian requested that his fellow colleagues take the survey: The Mature Librarian: Over 55. The survey is intended to ascertain mature librarians’ feelings about technology, staying relevant in their field, and working with younger librarians. Droves of emails have … Continue reading

Increase Your Productivity With a WiFi Coldspot

Sometimes I need to just disconnect from technology so I can reconnect with myself. If you’re like me you probably have calendar reminders, new tweets, breaking news, blog posts, and a whole plethora of various other digital distractions all suffused across your desktop in about 50 tabs. According to Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows: What the Internet … Continue reading

Beware of Predatory Journals

Beware of Predatory Journals

Today I received an email from the Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication (ISSN 2160-5679), inviting me to submit my conference paper presentation: The Best Tech Tools for Creating Twitter Content, to their journal for publication. At first I was pumped thinking wow an invitation to publish! So after reading the email I proceeded to … Continue reading

Snapchat For Your Library

Snapchat For Your Library

Snapchat has been getting a lot of buzz as of late (Facebook offered to purchase it for $3 billion, but was turned down). It is currently valued at about $4 billion, and I think it will be the social media application of 2014 (here’s an interesting story of why teens use Snapchat by npr). What … Continue reading

Be a Twitter Fly on the Wall

Be a Twitter Fly on the Wall

In the past year I have become a Twitter fanatic, attending every Twitter conference session I can get into, and reading as many blogs, articles, and tweets that I can. I predominantly use Twitter for my library and not personally. Anywho while I attended TLA last year I went to an awesome session by Jim … Continue reading

How Libraries are Doing Pinterest Wrong

How Libraries are Doing Pinterest Wrong

Ok, I admit it I am one of the 71% of women on Pinterest. I use it to get travel, culinary, decorating inspiration and I pin whenever I find something awesome I want to remember later. I also pin for my library, but unlike my personal Pinterest account, my library account is much different. I … Continue reading

Tips for Using Piktochart

Tips for Using Piktochart

Being a visual learner myself, I am a huge fan of infographics.  They have gotten so popular that it seems like you can’t scroll down a Pinterest/Tumblr/Facebook feed without seeing at least one plastered on your screen. With their rising popularity has come the prevalence of infographic generators. These handy tools are great for those … Continue reading

What Google’s New Search Algorithm Means for Libraries

In the nostalgic garage where Google first operated, Google celebrated it’s 15th anniversary with the announcement of Hummingbird. Hummingbird is Google’s new algorithm that has been silently implemented for about the past month. The algorithm is intended to produce more relevant results based on natural language search queries and networked relationships (think a more robust … Continue reading

My Library Usability Study Stage 1

You don’t have to be an expert on user experience to conduct your own usability study. Determining how your users prefer to use your site, collection, product, etc is something that everyone can benefit from and anyone can do. Usability studies are conducted to understand how your users actually use your system. You can then … Continue reading

Use TED-Ed to Flip Your IL Sessions

Last week I attended the Texas Library Association’s 2013 annual library conference. My head was spinning with all the innovative fresh ideas that were shared! One awesome session I attended was Flipped Classroom: Supporting New Educational Models. The session consisted of a panel of 6 educators who shared their experience flipping their classroom. While it was primarily aimed … Continue reading

Using Hashtags to Teach Subject Headings

One of the hardest concepts, that I have found, for students to grasp and actually utilize are subject headings. Because students don’t regularly employ them in their day to day life they tend to be cast aside for a comfortable natural language search technique. I show students how useful subject headings can be when searching … Continue reading

Formatting a Word Doc for a Paper in APA

There are pricey software programs available that will do this type of formatting for you, but with a little effort on your part you can bypass the price tag and do it on your own for free! This tutorial will cover how to set MS Word to check for grammar and style that is specific … Continue reading

Is a User Experience Librarian in Your Future?

In the library world information literacy (IL) is a major buzz word. It involves finding, gathering, and synthesizing information. Now, while IL instruction is definitely an important component to any library, it might be beneficial to use those same concepts within our own workflow as well. We talk about teaching others to organize and synthesize but often times we don’t organize … Continue reading

SXSWi Spots and Sessions for Librarians

Here is the list of all SXSWi events. There are so many sessions to attend and people to meet that it can be pretty overwhelming. When searching this extensive list try narrowing it down by theme such as: DIY, Hacker and Maker Social and Relationships Design and Development Diversity and Emerging Markets Work and Career … Continue reading

Top 10 Libraries for Academic Libraries to Follow on Pinterest

Top 10 Libraries for Academic Libraries to Follow on Pinterest

With the popularity of libraries joining Pinterest I thought I would share the list of top 10 libraries that I think are worth following. I like to follow libraries that have boards that focus on research, technology, and interesting promotional ideas. Criteria: Post quality content for repinning- This includes content that promotes research, innovation, best practices, … Continue reading

Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

In David McCandless’ fantastic TedTalk he says that “by visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map. And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful.”  Employers these days receive hundreds of resumes. One way to standout from the ever-competitive … Continue reading

Libraries on Snapchat: A Directory

Hello! A lot of you have reached out asking for a list of libraries on Snapchat. Due to the fact that you can’t search Snapchat the way you can other social media platforms, this task is a little tough. What I thought I’d do is create a crowdsourced directory. I have started a list of libraries … Continue reading

Resources for Finding a Graduate Summer Research Position

I wrote this for the University of Denver’s Office of Graduate Studies. I think it has some useful info to share with your graduate students. If you have any additional resources that should be included please let me know.🙂 Resources for Finding a Graduate Summer Research Position