Snapchat Explained: A 30 Minute Microlearning Event

Hello! I just wanted to announce another Snapchat workshop that I'll be teaching in September for ALA's eLearning series. This will consist of a 30 min online webinar where I'll show you the basics of Snapchat: how it works, how to set it up, and how your library can use it. This is perfect for … Continue reading Snapchat Explained: A 30 Minute Microlearning Event

Libraries on Snapchat: A Directory

Hello! A lot of you have reached out asking for a list of libraries on Snapchat. Due to the fact that you can't search Snapchat the way you can other social media platforms, this task is a little tough. What I thought I'd do is create a crowdsourced directory. I have started a list of libraries … Continue reading Libraries on Snapchat: A Directory