6 Libraries to Follow on Snapchat for Some Snapspiration

In 2015 I wrote the post 5 Universities Killing it on Snapchat. Since then, I have seen a of bevy brands harnessing the app in really creative ways. Coming from a library background, I naturally follow several libraries on Snapchat (see Libraries on Snapchat: A Directory for a comprehensive list) and I have been really impressed with a way some librarians are promoting their collections, showcasing events, and engaging patrons with the use of emoji, GIFs, lenses, and filters. So today I thought I’d share a list of my favorite libraries on Snapchat to give you some “snapspiration” in your marketing endeavors:

Cape May County Library

Username: CMCLibrary

Standout Features: Not afraid to take a risk, CMClibrary is dipping their toes into Snapchat takeovers, allowing patrons to takeover the account for a day. They also are great about posting consistently and now appear on Snapchat Discover (which is an impressive feat in and of its on, as inclusion in Discover requires your public story to “reach a certain viewership threshold” (Wagner, 2017)).

The Webb Middle School

Username: libfeet

Standout Features: Hannah Byrd Little was an early Snapchat adopter is amazing when it comes to using lenses. I like this example with the Shakespeare bust because it shows her creativity and the fact that lenses aren’t just for people or even books with faces!

University of Limerick Library

Username: libraryul

Standout Features: This librarian has mastered the art of Bitmoji, GIFs, and all around engaging snaps. I also love how she keeps with the spirit of Snapchat and prioritizes communication components in her snaps.


Jacksonville Public Library Teen Advisory Board

Username: jpl_tab

Standout Features: JPL is fantastic at incorporating calls to action (CTAs) and using links in their snaps. Snapchat now offers users the ability to add URLs to their snaps, allowing users to “swipe up” to read more, or in this case, put a hold on a library book.


Commerce Library

Username: librarycommerce

Standout Features: This library is awesome at incorporating contests that organically fit into patrons’ day to day lives. They utilize free books, gift cards, and other tactics to get users physically into the library. They also make it personal with fun Bitmoji and pictures of librarians.


Cheshire Library

Username: cheshirelibrary

Standout Features: The librarian at Cheshire library is a master at capitalizing on “tentpole holidays” (national events that recur every year like Black History Month, National Limerick Day, #MayThe4thBeWithYou, etc). They are also great at promoting their library collection with features like “Book of the Day.”

I hope you find this list useful! I also recommend following @epircreads for somebookish inspiration. They are really effective at providing book synopses using images and text. If there’s any library you think should be added to the list please let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “6 Libraries to Follow on Snapchat for Some Snapspiration

  1. Cheshire library picked a great snap — just in time to get me excited for a grilled cheese for dinner!

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