ALA Ignite Session: Using Google Scholar to Teach Information Literacy



I rarely ever self-promote but I could really use your help. I just submitted my ALA ignite session: Using Google Scholar to Teach Information Literacy. In order to be able to present this talk I need to win votes. Here’s how it breaks down: “the public votes will be weighted for 30% of the selection process; staff votes will account for another 30%; the remaining 40% will be decided by an advisory group of ALA members.” If your interested in hearing about this topic please consider voting for me. Listed below is a description of the talk. Thank you so much for your support!

“Google Scholar has become extremely popular with students and researchers in recent years. The increased utilization of Google Scholar by students and faculty has caused the need for instruction on how to properly use it and maximize its potential as a research tool. Many librarians have expressed interest in teaching Google Scholar in their information literacy classes. This session will highlight how to use Google Scholar to teach basic information literacy concepts including: the utilization of Boolean search operators, search logic, extracting citation information, evaluating resources, and accessing full-text articles; and more advanced concepts including: how to discover new research, track citations, and manage information. With Google Scholar, librarians can teach these vital information literacy skills on a platform that students are already familiar with and utilize on a regular basis.”

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