Promote Your Library With Snapchat Stories

This is probably the best way libraries can start implementing Snapchat for promotional purposes. According to an article published today by Business Insider, Snapchat Stories has increased 100% with over 1 billion stories being viewed a day! Since this app is so widely used by individuals under the age of 25 (traditional college aged students), it’s a great marketing tool for academic libraries and public libraries alike. Listed below is the Snapchat Stories promotional video:

Here’s How Snapchat Stories Works:

  • You take a series of snaps (photo and video)
  • From those snaps you select “Snap to your Story”
  • The photos in your story are then available for viewing by all your Snapchat friends for 24 hours.
  • Snapchat states that because your story plays forward, it makes sense to share moments in the order you experience them.

Snapchat Stories is awesome because it removes the cumbersome task of individually sending the snap to each friend, and it creates a fun narrative for your patrons to view. The ideas for a Snapchat Story are endless, here are a few:

  • A day in the life of a librarian
  • How books make it to the shelf
  • How digital records are searchable (the process of metadata)
  • The research process

I’m going to be playing around with this over the summer. Add umhblibrary on Snapchat if you want to view our story! Also if you have any Snapchat Story ideas please comment below. 🙂

Update 2/5/2015:

Business Insider recently published instructions on how to add music to your Snapchat Stories!

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7 thoughts on “Promote Your Library With Snapchat Stories

  1. This is a great outreach/marketing concept and I love your suggestions. Another one I might add is “What a Library Really Is”. I think far too often patrons are shocked by what they can get from a library. To them, a library is still just the place where you can check out books, but it is now so much more than that. This is the new marketing challenge for librarians, and I think the Snapchat Stories can bring the message to patrons in a visually interesting way.

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