Top Libraries for Academic Libraries to Follow on Pinterest: Part Deux

libraries on pinterest

I wrote the Top 10 Libraries for Academic Libraries to Follow on Pinterest back in 2013, but with so many new boards popping up I thought I’d add to the list (as a side note I noticed just about every library has either a Downton Abbey or cat-related board!). I used the same criteria:

  • Post quality content for repinning- This includes content that promotes research, innovation, best practices, etc
  • Generate inventive boards
  • Employ creative titles
  • Do not overpost or have too many boards
    • Some libraries have started using Pinterest like a Libguide, pinning all their books on their boards. I’m not a huge fan of this. I think it’s great to pin some new arrivals or staff picks, but when you get too crazy it becomes overkill.
  • I have a post: How Libraries are Doing Pinterest Wrong that lists some popular Pinterest pitfalls to avoid

University of Texas Libraries

UT is a great example of properly utilizing boards on Pinterest. They don’t go overboard, the titles are creative and informative, and the pictures that are pinned are well chosen.

Boards to check out: Yeah We Have That and Study Inspiration

American Libraries Magazine (ALA)

Their profile picture is a little pixelated, but I like the board topics they chose. I especially appreciate that they only do a board for their current annual conference, and delete boards of past conferences. To me this keeps their page relevant.

Boards to check out: Bookmobiles and People with American Libraries

Kansas City Public Library

I wouldn’t give them high marks for photo quality (some are pretty blurry and text heavy) or board brevity, but I chose them because of their creative titles and board themes.

Board to check out: Book-Inspired Crafts (very well curated)

British Library

I loved the British Library’s board titles! Manuscript Monday, BLogs, and The Pen is Mightier than the Sword…awesome monikers.

Boards to check out: Unexpected Libraries, Made with the BL

University of St. Thomas Libraries

This board seems to be just getting started (they have a few blank boards), but I love the Best Study Spaces idea. The board needs to be curated a little more but the idea is great. As an undergrad I was always looking for places to nap/study and it was always a hunt for the perfect spot. this could be a fun group board where students pin their favorite study locals.

Board to check out: Best Study Spaces

Cambridge University Library

This library has a solid collection of carefully selected pins. I like the fact that they didn’t go overboard on the history of the library pins (you can go crazy with those).

Board to check out: How We Work– A fun look behind the stacks!

Condé Nast Library

The photos these libraries picked are outstanding. The content they selected isn’t overwhelming and the photos are interesting and entice you to click to find out more!

Board to check out: Art and Photography

University of Las Vegas  Architecture Library

They have wonderfully vivid shots of architecture. These boards are also great because they appeal to a library and non-library audience.

Boards to check out: Competitions/AwardsTiny Spaces

Museum at FIT

Ok this isn’t technically a library, but their boards are fantastic! They are a great example of how to properly use photos on Pinterest. They are great quality, organized well, and eye catching.

Board to check out: Strike a Pose

What are your favorite libraries to follow on Pinterest?


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