Get the Most Out of Your Graphic Design Team by Using These Tools

Graphic-Design-005I was venting to a friend of mine the other day about not being able to articulate what I want to the graphic designers I work with. I explained that often I have the idea of what I want, but have difficulty expressing that thought semantically. Other times I have no idea what I want, making it even harder to dictate my desires. Both cases have often resulted in a finished product that I’m not entirely satisfied with. I have chalked this up to me not having enough graphic design experience, something that I just simply don’t have the time to learn. My friend, who is a graphic designer and the perfect person to have vented to about this dilemma, graciously provided me an invaluable annotated list of resources for inspiration. He suggested I look on these sites to find what I want and then give it to my graphic design team in order to direct their creation more efficiently. This method has worked wonderfully so I thought I’d share it with others who fall into my same quandary. This has also served as an excellent way to stay up to date on the latest visual trends. Here is list: (also if you have any sites to add please share!)



One of my favorite ways of making small ads/banners is to find a good font for the headline first and building around that.

Indirect Inspiration

These sites help inspire me though they are not geared towards designers

2 thoughts on “Get the Most Out of Your Graphic Design Team by Using These Tools

  1. I can TOTALLY relate to this. There are a couple of different issues I’ve encountered:

    1) Not knowing what I want. – I work around this by (like you do) providing a ton of examples of what specific things/graphic elements I like and WHY.

    2) Working with someone that has no passion or personal-interest invested in your particular projects. – I used to work with a freelancer who just had no interest in being innovative. It was just about getting the project done and getting paid. It was awful and she was really hard to work with. Again in this situation you have to be REALLY REALLY clear about exactly what you want because they will take you at face value and not do more than that.

    I’m always downloading free educational content from vendors and I make sure to save them so that I can reference the pieces I like and show them to my designer.

    I’m now lucky enough to have a fantastic in-house designer. And even when it’s not quite right we still manage to get it to a good place quickly. He’s invaluable.

    And thanks for all the great links.

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