Your Infographic Toolkit (For those with little to no graphic design experience)

Creating an infographic can be tedious and time consuming, especially for those with little to no graphic design experience. Here are the best tools that I have found that enable me to not only create an infographic but streamline my process.

Find an Infographic Generator

These are just some of the many infographic generators that are available. Generators involve you selecting a template and various objects, plugging in your desired info, and designing your infographic to suit your taste.

Create a Color Scheme

  • Kuler: Kuler allows you to create color schemes based on rules that you specify (analogous, complementary, etc).
  • Color Droppers: Ever tried to figure out what the hex value is for a specific color on a Webpage? An eye dropper is the answer! Simply hover the dropper over the desired color and get the hex value. Then plug it in to the program your using and viola! This allows your colors to be uniform across your infographic.

Get Inspired

The best way to learn how to create an informative, visually pleasing infographic is to learn from the experts. Take a look at your favorite infographics/visuals and make a list of all the aspects that you like. Here is a list of some awesome infographics that I have found.

Explore the Application

Every infographic generator has specific tools, templates, objects, etc that are available. Take some time to play around so you can streamline your productivity once you’re in “creation mode.”

Make a Plan

Decide what kind of information you want to share, what color scheme you want to use, etc. Miranda Rensch has a great blog post on how to plan your infographic.


Here is an example of a infographic I created with piktochart:


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